Why Ethical Hacking is Important
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Why Ethical Hacking is Important?

Ethical Hacking is one of the most popular career lines in the IT Industry. But do you know why ethical hacking is important, causing a huge industry commotion? There are a lot of factors deciding the future of this career line.

Due to the increasing cybercrime rate, organizations need help from cybersecurity professionals to get the best solution for protecting their data and technology against online threats lurking online. Malicious Hackers with hacking capabilities execute these malicious activities, but with malicious intent, they go crazy and do unethical things to the firms and individuals working peacefully.


Sometimes, such hackers share dangerous malware via networks and hacking techniques for anonymous targeting and evading security measures. However, their plans fail! Do you know why and how? For that, organizations hire professional ethical hackers who have the exact same skills to fight against their tricks. But how could you do that? Let’s talk.

What is Ethical Hacking?

It is the process of breaking security measures installed into the system to identify loopholes, data breaches, and cyber threats available. To perform such tasks legally, one must follow the standard cyber security laws.

Ethical hackers are also known as penetration testers. One of their duty involves testing the system and writing down the results to find solutions for enhancing security. Ethical hackers perform penetration testing on the system to test its security measures capabilities before the adversary can exploit it and get unauthorized access.

It helps security teams to enhance the security measures performance, and the systems will be able to run without any issues. How the most important question is, “Why Ethical Hacking is Important?”

Why is Ethical Hacking Important?

Due to the increase in cyberattacks, hacking cases, and malicious data breaches, the online network has come in great danger. Moreover, digitalization has raised the count of online transactions and services for a few years.

That’s why we need to know how to secure our online transactions from hackers with the latest hacking tools to enhance our security measures. Adversaries nowadays are capable of stealing financial data without any interference from security measures.

For that, it is important for us to understand the working of ethical hacking in the IT Sector. That way, we can run more effective and robust security layers over our networks and systems. Cyber Crime branches only handled the situation for the time being.

However, we have to upgrade ourselves not to get fooled by scammers online. Basically, focusing on the pentester’s skills for searching loopholes & security flaws in the system before the attack is known as ethical hacking.

If you really want to learn ethical hacking, you can search for Ethical Hacking Course, which is basically available at every place on this earth. Such courses are specifically designed for IT Professionals who want to learn about hacking techniques and the use of hacking tools. Let’s continue!

What is the Purpose of Ethical Hacking?

The main objective of ethical hacking is to test the security measures & recognize security flaws in the target systems, networks, and business infrastructure. In the process of ethical hacking, the practitioner tries to exploit loopholes to ensure the possibility of unauthorized access/ other malicious activities.

Importance of Ethical Hacking in India

India is a great hub of resources & with time, it is evolving with the techniques and tools running in the industries for the development of mankind. Such skills can stop adversaries from trespassing into a system. It can support Banking & Financial Institutions against online threats.

To understand the importance of ethical hacking in India, we must understand the uses & types of Ethical Hacking. Here are a few of them:

  • Testing Password Strength,
  • Testing exploits, ensuring security settings & benefit levels in the domain account, and database management.
  • Penetration testing following each software upgrade or update or following the application of a new security patch.
  • Preventing interception of data transmission pathways.
  • Validation of authentication protocol standards.
  • Ensuring that programs have security safeguards that safeguard user and organizational databases.
  • Protection from denial-of-service attacks.
  • Anti-intrusion measures are tested, and network security is examined.

The above-mentioned tasks are necessary to secure the integrity of a digital lifestyle & work environment. If you don’t have the support of professionals in hacking, your data and online resources can be in great danger.

It’s because if you don’t know about your online security measures strength, you will be going to deal with high-severity risks due to online threats.

Suppose you are running an online website, and you need to add your personal data to that site. Such data can include

  1. Birthdays,
  2. Addresses,
  3. Likenesses to Private Multimedia Content,
  4. Privileged Messages,
  5. Payment Data, and
  6. Hashed Passwords etc.

Anyone can guess what will be the next step by adversaries. They would definitely execute a cyberattack on that website to gain the data to use it in their favor for many illegal and illicit causes. However, when the victims will know about the breach of their data, it will be too late.

It can cause a huge commotion. Now, the situation would go dire, and you and your customer/ client will see each other in court for a case over your company’s CIA performance. After that, your clients will start to lose trust in your company and will leave your customer lists accordingly.

This will be bad for your company’s growth in the long run. Thus, you definitely need the support of ethical hackers to fight against online threats. Let’s continue!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethical Hacking

Let’s look at the advantages & disadvantages of ethical hacking in India for businesses and individuals residing in India. What will happen to their data and lives in fear of cyber attacks and data breaches?

Moreover, how would they deal with such attacks? First, we will look at the advantages of Ethical Hacking!

Advantages of Ethical Hacking

  • It supports preventing cyberattacks.
  • It enhances the capability of a system that has the capability of resisting hacking and trespassing.
  • Banking & Financial don’t need to worry about adversaries’ intrusions because of the strong ethical hacking security measures.
  • Moreover, it assists in tracing & closing security flaws in a PC/ Network.

Disadvantages of Ethical Hacking

Now we will talk about the disadvantages of Ethical Hacking which are as follows.

  • Due to any mistake, the files can be corrupted or the firm’s data.
  • The data can be used maliciously if the firm does not hire the hacker.
  • Hiring professionals can be hefty and costlier.
  • Such techniques, if not used correctly, can barge into someone’s privacy.
  • Without permission from authorities or the responsible person, using such techniques on the system can be illicit.
  • This system is illegal.

Types of Ethical Hacking

Now, we will talk about some of the known hacking types that ethical hackers basically acquire to perform hacking tasks.

Web Application Hacking

One of the amazing hacking types is the Web Application Hacking method used on HTTP by exploiting software’s visual browser, interfering with the URL, mixing with HTTP aspected, and not saving in the URL.

Web hacking exploits software over HTTP by exploiting the software’s visual Chrome browser, meddling with the URI, or colluding with HTTP aspects not stored in the URI.

System Hacking

Network is system hacking that involves hacking a PC on a network in different ways. Some of the defensive measures professionals use to protect themselves against such threats are as follows

  • Password Busting,
  • Privilege Escalation,
  • Malicious Software Construction, and
  • Packet Sniffing.

Web Server Hacking

Next one is server hacking which needs great concentration from the practitioner. As everyone knows that web servers generate a huge amount of data in real-time, adversaries use this chance to use several amazing techniques such as follows to steal that data.

  • Gluing,
  • Ping Deluge,
  • Port Scan,
  • Sniffing Attacks, and
  • Social Engineering Techniques.

The data stolen from web apps can be as follows

  • Credentials,
  • Passcodes, and
  • Company information.

Hacking Wireless Networks

Wireless networks travel through radio waves to transmit data. Thus, the adversary can access the system from a nearby area. To find the Identifier and bodge the network. These practitioners use networking snorting.

Social Engineering

It is the practice of influencing large populations to reveal private information. Eugenics is used by criminals since it is typically simpler to attack your natural difficulty in trusting than to figure out how to fake your equipment.

Scope and Limitations of Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking could be a vital component of risk analysis, auditing, and fraud prevention. Penetration testing techniques like ethical hacking are frequently used to identify risks, vulnerabilities, and openings so that preventative measures can be taken against assaults.

There are various situations where ethical hacking isn’t sufficient or where the issue cannot be solved through ethical hacking. Before employing a partner external pentester, a corporation should first understand what it is looking for.

It aids in time savings and goal specialization. The testing team is committed to resolving the specific flaw in breaking down the issues. The ethical hacker also aids in a better understanding of a company’s security system.

The organization is responsible for requiring suggested Pentester actions and enforcing security guidelines across the system and network.

Conclusion of Ethical Hacking

In the end, what you need to understand is that ethical hacking is really important for the security of our privacy. If you don’t have enough money to hire professional hackers to solve this problem for you, why don’t you self learn such techniques to manage the security of your resources against such threats with the latest hacking tools?

For that, you can contact Bytecode Security, which has been offering the best cyber security course for IT Professionals who want to enhance their knowledge in cyber security. They also have offered the Best Ethical Hacking Course in Delhi for IT Professionals.

This course is specially designed with the observation of experienced professionals in ethical hacking. What are you waiting for? Contact Now!

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