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Learning Ethical Hacking course  is easy if you get the best guide to tell you where you should start your hacking career. For that, you can read this article. Second to the cybersecurity domain, ethical hacking is also an essential part of today’s needs.

The daily use of technology & sharing of data sometimes results in cyberattacks and compromises where the victim bears the loss of data and money. To solve that, ethical hackers execute dummy attacks on networks & systems to identify and resolve security issues. To become an ethical hacker, first, we should know what a hacker does briefly!

What Is Ethical Hacking?

Finding weaknesses in networks and computer systems is a practice known as ethical hacking, aka “white hat” hacking. In this process, professionals use similar techniques & tools as the adversary uses to secure the organizations’ resources.

Five Stages of Ethical Hacking

  1. Reconnaissance

The first stage of ethical hacking includes reconnaissance techniques that capture data about the potential network & system. Moreover, the process consists of searching for open ports, validation of OS and Versions, and data related to the company’s staff, partners, and clients.

2. Scanning

Ethical Hackers execute a variety of hacking techniques & tech to compromise the systems. Vulnerability Scans, Port Scans, and Service Scans are beneficial for you to use.

3. Gaining Access

After getting the loopholes, the ethical hacker tries to compromise them to access the victimized device. Password Cracking and Social Engineering can be used to do that.

4. Maintaining Access

Once the professional has access to the system, it’s necessary to maintain the access even though the victim patches it or upgrades the system. For that, one can use rootkits and backdoors to the system.

5. Covering Tracks

In the end, professionals try to vanish their tracks to avoid being caught in the act of the hacking process. Removing log files. Changing system timestamps and several other strategies can be used to have the work done.

Top Five Best Reasons to Learn Ethical Hacking?

1. Protecting Digital Assets

Ethical Hacking can save people’s online resources from cyber threats. Identifying security flaws can help them to regain the strength of their security measures.

2. Advancing Your Career

IT Professionals can start their career in hacking by Learning professionals Ethical Hacking course  . Several organizations need their skills & knowledge to secure their resources.

3. Understanding Cybersecurity

Ethical hacking gives a proper understanding of the processes in cyber security to maintain the protection of data and devices from online threats with the latest hacking techniques & tools.

4. Making a Positive Impact

It can offer you the techniques to identify the risks before they could turn into a massive loss of data and money. Preventing data breaches would be possible with it.

5. Personal Growth

On an individual level, the aspirants get to learn a lot of practical knowledge during the performance time. One will be able to get introduced to a combo of technical skills, analytical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

What does Ethical Hacker do?

A professional who uses several Ethical Hacking Skills and Tactics to find and resolve network & system security issues. That involve identifying, and exploiting vulnerabilities with the authorities’ permission. The objective of their work is to enhance security infrastructure of a firm in need of protection against online threats during online business.

Moreover, the key tasks an ethical hacker can execute.

  1. Conducting vulnerability assessments and penetration
  2. Identifying security flaws in web apps, mobile apps, and other software.
  3. Conducting social engineering tests.
  4. Developing and executing security testing plans and strategies.
  5. Recommending security enhancements and solutions.
  6. Advising and training IT and security personnel.
  7. Staying up-to-date with the latest hacking techniques, tools, and tech.

Career Benefits of Learning Ethical Hacking

Build Your Career as an Ethical Hacker

S.No. Benefits Define
1. High Demand for Ethical Hackers Learning Ethical Hacking would be beneficial for an IT Aspirants because of huge demands in IT Sector for security analysts.
2. Lucrative Salary One can expect high-end salary package for the skills and knowledge they honed after being certified with ethical hacking certification.
3. Diverse Job Opportunities IT Sector needs such professionals in various areas, such as – IT, finance, government, healthcare, and retail, among others.
4. Constant Learning Opportunities Updated knowledge about the latest techniques and tools will boost the skills of professional practicing in the field.
5. High Job Satisfaction One can choose the specific field of specialization in jobs related to ethical hacking.
6. Career Advancement After working in a company with a respective ethical hacking designation, one can choose to join advanced certification courses to level up.
7. Flexibility One can easily choose their location of work, including – offices, remote locations, or on-site with clients.
8. Global Demand It’s a global reputed job profile that can give you validation as a security specialist globally.
9. Entrepreneurship One can even become an owner of cybersecurity consultant offering services to several sectors working in the field.
10. Personal Growth It can offer you growth on an intellectual level which involve – developing problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and a strong work ethic.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Best 10 Career Benefits of Learning Ethical Hacking

  1. Is ethical hacker a good career?

In India, the field of ethical hacking is one that is expanding and in demand. There is a rising demand for qualified individuals who can spot and address security vulnerabilities in networks and computer systems due to the frequency and complexity of cyberattacks. Thus, you can start your career in ethical hacking by learning ethical hacking.

2. Can a 12th pass apply for ethical hacking?

Several institutions are there which offer an ethical hacking courses in India for students who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in technology with the ethical hacking domain. One of them is Bytecode Security which offers the Best Ethical Hacking Course in Delhi.

3. Which is the world’s No 1 ethical hacking certification?

There’s no such thing as the world’s No 1 ethical hacking certification. However, there is a list that contains some of the best certifications that you can go for if you are looking to learn ethical hacking.

  • Certified Ethical Hacker,
  • Offensive Security Certified Professional,
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional, and
  • GIAC Penetration Tester.

4. Is ethical hacker an entry level job?

Hacking ethically is not often an entry-level position. It necessitates both real cybersecurity experience and a solid foundation in computer science and information technology ideas.

5. Which company hires as ethical hacker?

Several companies are hiring ethical hackers to identify and resolve cybersecurity issues with their networks and systems. Some of them are as follows.

  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Apple
  • PayPal
  • Cisco
  • TCS
  • IBM India
  • Deloitte India
  • Ernst & Young India
  • KPMG India
  • PwC India
  • Tech Mahindra

6. What is the job opportunity for ethical hacking?

Ethical hacking professionals are in high demand in the following areas:

  • Information Technology Company,
  • Financial Institutions,
  • Government Agencies,
  • Healthcare Industry,
  • Retail and E-commerce,
  • Consulting Firms, and

7. What are the 7 types of hackers?

Following are the 7 types of hackers.

  • White Hat Hackers,
  • Black Hat Hackers,
  • Grey Hat Hackers,
  • Script Kiddies,
  • State-Sponsored Hackers,
  • Hacktivists, and
  • Malicious Insider.


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