Malware Analysis Course Training

Several institutes are offering the Best Malware Analysis Courses for students. But what’s so better about this training certification course? As we know that cyber attack cases are increasing daily because of malware attacks, and we need professionals to deal with them exactly the same. 

In Several countries, several institutes/ organizations train aspirants/ employees to teach them how experts handle cybersecurity issues related to malware cases. But how does the journey of a security expert in malware analysis start? Let’s discuss this. 

Malware Analysis Course in Delhi

  • Module 01 : Introduction Malware Analysis
  • Module 02 : Basic Analysis Technique And Tools
  • Module 03 : Understanding File Formate (Lab)
  • Module 04 : Setting Up Your Isolated Enviroment/Malware Lab (Lab)
  • Module 05 : Static Analysis Basic/Advanced (Practical On Sample)”Lab” In Depth
  • Module 06 : Dynamic Analysis Basic/Advanced (Practical On Sample Also On Live Host)”Lab”
  • Module 07: Malware Functionality (Practical Lab)
  • Module 8: Reverses Engineering (Duration-2hr)
  • Module 9: Assembly Language (Intel X86/64)
  • Module 10: Basic Programming Structure And Union (Duration-2hr)
  • Module 11: Debugging Malware (Lab)
  • Module 12: Working With Dll/Rootkit/Network And Registry/Api Call/ Import And String Section (Lab)
  • Module 13: Code Injection / Extraction (Practical Lab)
  • Module 14: Advance Computer And Network Test Form Of Malware Analysis (Lab)
  • Module 15: Real Time Attack Monitoring With Irc Log’s(Intrent Realy Chat) In Depth “Lab”
  • Module 16: Overview
  • Module 17: Report

What is meant by Malware Analysis?

It’s the process of examining & having an understanding of malicious software to find loopholes, its nature, features, and possible results. The process helps the professionals to know what kind of malware it is and how it could compromise the systems of the company. 

That is to enhance the security measures of organizations in each department. Following are some of the malware analysis techniques that help organizations deal with issues involving malware. 

There are several types of malware analysis, including 

  1. Static Analysis, 
  2. Dynamic Analysis, and 
  3. Hybrid Analysis. 

Training Course Duration

  • Course Duration: 40 Hours
  • Course Level: Intermediate
  • Include: Training Certificate

Best Malware Analysis Course with Certification

Bytecode Security offers the Best Malware Analysis Course with Certification for IT Professionals who want to enhance their knowledge and skills related to malware analysis issues. Firms need professional security analysts who can find malware files & apps hiding in the systems plotted by adversaries to trick the victim into opening it and getting compromised in the event. 

However, Bytecode Security specially offers this training certification course that offers knowledge related to malware analysis which explains how to identify malware and how to take care of the situation that occurs due to it. 

In the Malware Analysis Training, aspirants will be able to learn about the following concepts. 

  1. Understanding Malware Behavior, 
  2. Reverse Engineering, 
  3. Code Analysis, 
  4. Sandboxing, and 
  5. Virtualization. 

On top of that, Malware analysis also requires knowledge of  

  • Programming Languages, 
  • Operating Systems, 
  • Network Protocols, and 
  • Security Technologies. 

Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Ransomware, and Spyware are some of the malware that is needed to be identified asap, which is possible through this course. Most importantly, an aspirant will be able to learn the following attributes in this training session.  

  • incident response procedures,  
  • forensic analysis techniques, and  
  • threat intelligence gathering. 

Learn from Home | Malware Analysis Course Online

The Malware Analysis Course Online offers you the best learning environment and the opportunity to learn about a new skill set that will be beneficial for your bright future in the IT Sector. Several organizations are offering job opportunities for IT Aspirants with skills & knowledge of Malware Analysis. 

This online training will let the students experience the best learning sessions with the lab practices, which will help in improvising of practitioner’s skills. By practicing the skill practically under the guidance of professional cybersecurity experts, practitioners will be able to understand the concepts with ease. 

With the certification offered by Bytecode Security, students will be able to apply to several MNCs around the world. That is because the certifications provided by Bytecode Security are valid in several organizations globally. What are you waiting for? Contact, Now! 

What education do you need to be a malware analyst?

For that, there are several ways possibly available to you. One of them is to learn it from Online courses provided by several youtube channels. Several ebooks are also available to teach you the methods to help you out in handling the cyberattack impacts. 

However, the best you can do is to find an institution that is offering training for malware analysis. One of the most prominent institutions is Bytecode Security which has been working in the field of cybersecurity for a long time. 

It has a long history of providing cyber security training for the aspirants of cyber security. Moreover, it has also introduced a specially designed Best Malware Analysis Course with Certification in Delhi NCR. After completing this course, one can take Malware Analysis Exam to get certified with the Malware Analysis Certification. 

This certification will help the aspirants to apply for several job profiles available in the IT Sector, which are available for Malware Analysis Experts. After a few years, one can go for advanced certification courses to enhance their knowledge & skills in the desired field. What are you waiting for? Contact, Now! 

Malware Analysis Course Review

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About the Learn Best Malware Analysis Course with Certification in Delhi NCR 

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If you want to join the best malware analysis certification, contact Bytecode Security, which is offering the best malware analysis course with certification in delhi ncr for students of cyber security. 

In this training, the students will be able to get introduced to the fundamental concepts of malware threats & analysis. With the guidance of professional security experts, students will be able to get the best learning experience on the premises of Bytecode Security. What are you waiting for? Contact, Now! 

Well, it’s a new field of work in India; however, it’s in a growth stage right now. Practitioners practicing malware analysis skills on organizations’ resources are able to analyze & mitigate online threats causing due to malware attacks. 

Moreover, the government is also empathizing with organizations that are offering training & jobs to IT Professionals who are experts in handling issues related to malware attacks. Thus, job opportunities for aspirants of malware analysis are at a huge volume. 

You can join the Best Malware Analysis Course with Certification in Delhi NCR offered by Bytecode Security to learn these skills, and afterward, you’ll be able to work as a professional with job profiles such as 

  1. Malware Analyst, 
  2. Cybersecurity Analyst, and 
  3. Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst. 

That will depend on the practitioners’ experience in the field and the knowledge acquired during their learning period. However, if you are a beginner, you must have a keen interest in learning the new skills proposed for the practitioners in the IT Sector. 

This concept needs you to have a better understanding of computing languages, OS, and networking. If you got the knowledge of reverse engineering methods & tools, you’d be able to perform several tasks at a faster pace. 

This computing language is used for various tasks in malware analysis, such as 

  1. Extracting & Parsing Data from Malware Samples, 
  1. Writing Scripts to Automate Analysis Tasks, and 
  1. Developing Custom Tools & Frameworks. 

Moreover, modules & packages library ease in performing tasks such as 

  1. File Manipulation, 
  2. Network Analysis, and 
  3. Data Visualization.

It depends upon various factors, such as can vary depending on factors such as 

  1. Experience, 
  1. Education, and 
  1. Specific Job Role. 

On average, a beginner-level practitioner earns around ₹6 L – ₹18 L/ annum. Moreover, an experienced practitioner can expect to earn around ₹30 L/ annum. 

One of the most important preferred computing languages is Python Programming Language which is used for a variety of libraries & frameworks. That is to analyze & extract data from malware samples. It’s one of the easiest & readable programming languages for scripting and automation tasks. 

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Course Overview
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  • Course Name : Malware Analysis
  • Course Level : Intermediate
  • Language : Hindi English
  • Course Delivery : Online / Classroom Training
  • Include : Training and Certification
  • Course pdf : Click here to Download

Malware Analysis Course in Delhi

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Malware Analaysis Course Review

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Frequently asked Questions

About Malware Analysis Course in Delhi

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A person with some basic knowledge of the IT field and even a person with a deep interest in learning this marvelous technology from a non-IT background can learn this course at Bytecode Security at its Saket and Laxmi Nagar premises.

The three famous steps of Malware Analysis are mentioned below:

  1. Behavioral,
  2. Code, and
  3. Memory Forensics.

The prominent work of a malware analyst comes into force when an attacker initiates one’s chain of attacks on a system or an IT infrastructure to compromise it with full power and knowledge.  Since taking the access back from the hands of an attacker or stopping the malicious actor from doing it so is not an easy task.  Hence, a deep knowledge of the fundamentals of malware analysis course is required which is a hectic and complex process to learn dedicatedly.

A working malware can be analyzed using two different approaches which are mentioned below:

  1. Static Analysis
  2. Dynamic Analysis

In static analysis, the malware specimen is explored without touching it, instead with the dynamic analysis, the malware is genuinely applied in a restrained as well as solitary manner.

Yes, you can say that it is very much in demand as in today’s era, most people tend to hack or compromise the datasets of various organizations in order to gain some illicit profits by some unethical means.  On the other hand, malware analysts try to gain the access back from the hands of the malicious actor by applying some nice processes elaborated in a genuine way in the malware analysis course at some of the best institutions like Bytecode Cyber Security Institute at Saket and Laxmi Nagar locations in the vicinity of New Delhi and its adjacent regions.

Yes, learning the fundamental concepts of malware analysis course is indeed a good career option for anyone who has a deep interest in making oneself in cyber security and ethical hacking trajectory.  Nowadays, the market is full of cyber threats and professional malware analysts are the need of the hour to tackle the cyber threats and cyberattacks.

In case you like to know more about this awesome malware analysis course, then contact the educational counselors of Bytecode Security at +91-9513805401.

The 7 stages of AI are as follows:

  • Stage 1- Rule Bases System.
  • Stage 2- Context-awareness and Retention.
  • Stage 3- Domain-specific aptitude.
  • Stage 4- Reasoning systems.
  • Stage 5- Artificial General Intelligence.
  • Stage 6- Artificial Super Intelligence(ASI)
  • Stage 7- Singularity and excellence.

Malware analysis and reverse engineering is the skill of examining malware to know about its working methodology, identification process, and defection or elimination criteria, once it gets, contaminates a working data-handling computer.


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