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Do you want to Learn Ethical hacking? If yes, then this article can help you with starting a new career in ethical hacking step by step. In this article, we will talk about the ethical hacking course providers that can provide you with the best ethical hacking training and courses.

These courses can help you with learning the latest techniques and the knowledge of using ethical hacking tools available worldwide. With that, you will have the chance to explore several amazing opportunities to work as a professional hacker in the IT World under the guidance of ethical hackers. Let’s continue!

What is Ethical Hacking?

It is offensive testing of PC to find out security-related vulnerabilities for enhancing security measures in the users’ infrastructure. Several IT Professionals choose these skills to improve their cybersecurity knowledge for high-end job profiles in the IT Sector. It involves several tasks to protect networks, systems, and devices against online threats, such as

  1. Reconnaissance,
  2. Scanning,
  3. Gaining Access,
  4. Maintaining Access,
  5. Clearing Tracks, and
  6. Reporting

Role of an Ethical Hacker

Firms hire professionals in ethical hacking to run penetration testing on their infrastructure involving networks, devices, and data. That is to improve security measures to protect data from unauthorized access/ online threats.

Despite testing, ethical hackers also go for several other job profiles in the organization, such as follows.

  1. Cybersecurity Analyst,
  2. Information Security Analyst,
  3. Intrusion Detection Analyst,
  4. IT Security Engineer,
  5. IT Security Administrator,
  6. Network Security Analyst, and
  7. Penetration Tester.

Ethical Hackers are responsible for the online and offline cybersecurity of the firm that hired them. They have enough knowledge & skills with experience in real-time cyber threats so that they can easily offer solutions to enhance security measures.

How to Start Hacking from Zero?

As the demand for security professionals is increasing among companies worldwide, one can also choose cyber security as a profession to grow in various industries. Each industry plays an important part in the world for the growth of data and technology, so its security is really important.

For that, cyber security professionals are the best solution companies can acquire. They can easily prepare high-level security measures for the systems and networks to fight against online threats that occur due to malicious activities run by adversaries.

If you want to grow up as a professional ethical hacker from zero, you can start by acquiring the following skills & knowledge.

  1. Learn Programming Languages,
  2. Learn how to work with Linux OS,
  3. You must have Database Engine Skills,
  4. Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills,
  5. Computer Networking,
  6. Computer Skills,
  7. Basic Knowledge About Hardware,
  8. Reverse Engineering,
  9. Cryptography,
  10. Gain Experience,
  11. Understand the process of ethical hacking
  • Reconnaissance,
  • Scanning,
  • Gaining Access,
  • Maintain Access,
  • Covering Access.

How to Learn Ethical Hacking Step by Step?

Following are the steps that you can follow to learn ethical hacking from zero, even if you don’t have a science background.

  • Get Hands-on LINUX/ UNIX

First, you can use the Linux OS to work within companies using the Linux Enterprise. It’s one of the most promising and secure systems that can offer you the best operation management power within your office environment.

Some popular Linux distributions are

  1. Red Hat Linux,
  2. Kali Linux,
  3. Ubuntu, and
  4. BackTrack, etc.
  • Learn Programming Languages

After that, if you have coding skills, you can learn ethical hacking faster than the average learner in the field. Thus, you can start with easy programming languages such as Python Programming Language.

  • Learn Networking Concepts

Nowadays, networks are most vulnerable to online attacks. Thus one should have enough knowledge to understand the working process of networks and how to protect networks. You can start learning networking concepts. This will help you to secure your network against online threats that can put your data in danger.

  • Cryptography

Did you know about encryption? It’s the skill of protecting online communications between two individuals on the platform sharing information with each other. Via cryptography, you can put a second layer of protection over your communication to ensure CIA.

  • Dive Deep into Hacking

Learn hacking basics from easily available resources. You must have to try to get a deeper understanding of hacking concepts such as the following.

  1. Vulnerability Assessment,
  2. Penetration Testing,
  3. SQL Injections, and
  4. Many More.
  • Experimenting & Practicing

After learning the skills, you must practice your skills on dummy machines available online offered by several platforms. Through that, you will be able to work in real-life situations with the support of the latest hacking techniques & tools.

  • Join the Communities

One of the best opportunities that you will get is that there are several hacking community groups formed online. You can become part of those hacking communities. After that, you will learn about the latest techniques proposed to ethical hackers to offer the best cyber security solutions.

What to Study to Become a Hacker?

If you want to become a hacker, you can start by following the below tasks to learn more about hacking and the techniques used in the hacking process.

  1. Stream Selection

In a lifetime, once you can choose your stream of education. If you choose to go with Computer Science, you will be able to learn faster the hacking topics with the guidance of professionals.

2. Educational Qualifications

1.How To Become A Hacker After 10th?

If you want to learn hacking after passing the 10th and 12th standard, you can. However, you need to find reliable resources to start your journey without any worry. Some of the best sources for learning include.

  1. Books,
  2. eBooks,
  3. Online Videos,
  4. Institutes, and
  5. Many more.

2. How To Become A Hacker After 12th?

After 12th you become a shaped vessel to learn a particular skill. However, challenging your wits and choosing a line as ethical hacking can be quite amazing. Several aspirants from various sectors come to the IT Sector to learn ethical hacking to become a hacking professional in the IT Industry. Thus, you can also take the initiative and choose to contact a reliable cybersecurity certification provider such as Bytecode Security to become a certified ethical hacker.

3. Undergraduate Courses to Become a Hacker In India

You can choose to join the undergraduate courses of hacking such as follows.

  1. B Tech in Cybersecurity & Forensic (4 Years),
  2. Bachelor in Networking & Security (3 years), and
  3. B Tech IT & Cybersecurity (4 years)

4. Top Colleges In India

Following are some reputed colleges to train you with hacking skills.

  1. SRM Valliammai Engineering College, Kancheepuram,
  2. HITAM Hyderabad,
  3. R. Mangalam University, Gurgaon,
  4. Sharda University, Greater Noida, and
  5. NIMAS, Kolkata.

3.Certificate and Project Courses

If you really wanted to join a specially dedicated certification program to learn ethical hacking, you can contact Bytecode Security to join the Best Ethical Hacking Course in Delhi. This course is specially customized to train you with the latest hacking techniques and the knowledge of the use of hacking tools under the guidance of professional hackers working in the IT Industry for years.

4. Job Preparation

A certified hacker does have his hands on various programming languages such as follows, which help him to perform several tasks to do ethical hacking.

  1. Python,
  2. JavaScript,
  3. PHP, and
  4. SQL

You must have the skills to be anonymous & hide your traces online. Sometimes, even the ethical hacker doesn’t know another person existing on the network. If an adversary finds out that someone else is also on the network, he might attack that person.

What Tools Do Ethical Hackers Use?

Following are some of the amazing ethical hacking tools that ethical hackers use for various purposes related to cybersecurity.

  1. Metasploit,
  2. Nmap,
  3. Wireshark,
  4. Burp Suite,
  5. John the Ripper,
  6. Sqlmap,
  7. Aircrack-ng,
  8. Nessus, and
  9. Nikto.

Hacking Websites Name to Learn Online

If you want to learn hacking online, then some of the reputed websites specially dedicated to hacking are as follows, which will allow you to learn hacking techniques and the use of tools online.

  1. Cybrary
  2. SecurityTube
  3. Bytec0de.com
  4. Harvard/EDX
  5. SANS Cyber Aces
  6. LEAP

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