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Ethical Hacking Course in Delhi is becoming more n more popular in India among IT Aspirants who want to enhance their skills in hacking with the latest techniques and the knowledge of using hacking tools to secure their resources from online threats.

Moreover, if you want to join this course, you can read this article which will explain the sources which can give you the best options from a pile of data. Here, several institutes are available to offer you the best learning experience under the guidance of professionals. But why should you go for this course?

We need such skills to protect our personal data, networks, and systems against online threats that are severe for our protection. Let’s take a look at how you can learn such skills!

Ethical Hacking Course in Delhi

Providers offer the Ethical Hacking Course in Delhi to train students with the skills and knowledge to recognize and assess security threats in systems and networks. Moreover, in this course, you will learn about the following concepts.

  1. Network Scanning,
  2. System Hacking,
  3. Web Application Security,
  4. Wireless Network Security,
  5. Social Engineering,
  6. Cryptography, and
  7. Incident Response.

Participants learn how to evaluate a system’s security posture, spot potential weaknesses, and put security-enhancing solutions into practice.

Career Scope of Ethical Hacking

Well, there is no doubt that one will definitely grow in the IT Sector in the ethical hacking domain after learning ethical hacking skills and knowledge. However, to ensure your clearance in the query, the following are the factors that will be beneficial for the practitioners after choosing to learn hacking skills in IT Sector.

  • Increased Demand

Organizations are becoming more aware of the value of preventative security measures as the number of cyber attacks rises. There is a significant demand for knowledgeable, ethical hackers who can spot vulnerabilities and fix them before malevolent hackers make use of them.

  • Cybersecurity Industry

A specialized area of the larger cybersecurity sector is ethical hacking. The demand for ethical hackers who can pinpoint and reduce security vulnerabilities is rising as concerns about cybersecurity do as well.

  • Diverse Career Paths

There are many different job options and pathways available after learning ethical hacking course. Professionals can start their own cybersecurity companies or work as penetration testers, vulnerability assessors, security analysts, or consultants. Additionally, some specialists could focus on a particular field, such as mobile security, network security, or web application security.

  • Continuous Learning and Skill Development

Since ethical hacking is a constantly evolving profession, skill improvement is essential. Professionals must keep up with the most recent security procedures, technologies, and hacking techniques. This offers continuous chances for development and improvement in the workplace.

  • Competitive Salaries

Due to their specialized talents and the strong demand for their expertise, ethical hackers frequently fetch excellent incomes. Businesses that value cybersecurity are prepared to spend money on experts who can safeguard their priceless assets and confidential data.

  • Ethical Hacking Consulting

Many ethical hackers are self-employed consultants who provide their skills t businesses on a project-by-project basis. This promotes adaptability, a wide range of experiences, and exposure to various markets and environments.

  • Ethical Hacking as a Career Stepping Stone

The field of ethical hacking can be used as a springboard for other positions in cybersecurity. As they gain experience and expand their skill set, professionals can move into roles like security architects, incident responders, cybersecurity managers, or even chief information security officers (CISOs).

  • Contributing to a Safer Digital World

By finding flaws and assisting companies in enhancing their security posture, ethical hackers enjoy the gratification of making the internet a safer place. Their work aids in securing systems, safeguarding sensitive data, and preserving individual and corporate privacy.

Top Ethical Hacking Institutes in Delhi

S.No. Institutes Details
1. Indian School of Ethical Hacking A renowned center in Delhi called ISOEH provides thorough training courses in cybersecurity and ethical hacking. They offer certifications in ethical hacking and hands-on practical training.
2. Institute of Information Security An established organization called IIS offers specialized instruction in information security, including ethical hacking. They provide accredited training programs and workshops on a range of cybersecurity topics.
3. Bytecode Security In Delhi, Bytecode Security is one of the best cybersecurity institutes, which offers the Best Ethical Hacking Course in Delhi for IT Aspirants.
4. Koenig Solutions A well-known IT training facility, Koenig Solutions, provides a variety of cybersecurity courses, including ethical hacking. They offer credentials from reputable organizations and hands-on instruction.
5. Asian School of Cyber Laws ASCL provides training in cyber law, cyber forensics, and ethical hacking. They give certifications after completing specialized training in ethical hacking methods.
6. Indian Cyber Security Solutions An organization specializing in cybersecurity education, including ethical hacking, is called ICSS. They provide specialized instruction and hands-on training in a range of cybersecurity topics.
7. Lucideus Training An organization called Lucideus Training provides training on cybersecurity and ethical hacking that is focused on the workplace. In partnership with reputable organizations, they offer extensive training programs and certifications.
8. Tech Defence Labs Tech Defence Labs provides specialized instruction in cybersecurity and ethical hacking. After successfully completing their courses, they grant certifications and offer real-world, practical instruction.
9. CyberCure Technologies Professional training courses in cybersecurity and ethical hacking are available from CyberCure Technologies. To verify the learned abilities, they offer certifications and practical training.

Ethical Hacking Internships Jobs in Delhi for Freshers

Following are the companies that offer Ethical Hacking Internship Jobs in Delhi for Freshers.

  1. Lucideus Tech,
  2. KPMG India,
  3. Bytecode Security,
  4. Ernst & Young (EY),
  5. Craw Security
  6. PwC India,
  7. Deloitte India,
  8. IBM India,
  9. TCS (Tata Consultancy Services),
  10. Wipro,
  11. HCL Technologies, and
  12. Infosec Ventures.

Ethical Hacking Jobs in Top MNCs

S.No. MNCs Job Opportunities
1. IBM India ●        Ethical Hacking,

●        Penetration Testing, and

●        Cybersecurity Consulting.

2. Accenture India ●        Ethical Hacking.
3. Deloitte India ●        Ethical Hacking,

●        Incident Response, and

●        Vulnerability Assessment.

4. Ernst & Young (EY) India ●        Ethical Hacking,

●        Red Teaming, and

●        Cybersecurity Consulting.

5. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) India ●        Ethical Hacking,

●        Penetration Testing, and

●        Cybersecurity Advisory.

6. KPMG India ●        Ethical Hacking,

●        Vulnerability Assessment, and

●        Cybersecurity Consulting.

7. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) ●        Ethical Hacking,

●        Incident Response, and

●        Security Consulting.

8. Wipro ●        Ethical Hacking,

●        Vulnerability Assessment, and

●        Security Operations.

Ethical Hacking Jobs by the Government of India

S.No. Job Roles Average Annual Salary
1. Security Analyst ₹ 4,89,000
2. Information Security Analyst ₹ 5,48,000
3. Security Consultant ₹ 8,72,000
4. Certified Ethical Hacker ₹ 4,91,000
5. Penetration Tester ₹ 5,96,000
6. Forensic ₹ 5,53,000
7. Network Security Engineer ₹ 5,15,000


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